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Selected Journal Articles  
of Dr. Lu, Ding

Journal Articles


"The Monopolistic Settlement Agreements in International Telecommunications", with Sam Hakim, Information Economics and Policy (North-Holland) 5(2): 145-157, June 1993.


"The Entrepreneurs Who Do Both: Production and Rent-Seeking", Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization (North-Holland) 23: 93-98, 1994.


"The Management of China's Telecommunications Industry: Some Institutional Facts", Telecommunication Policy (UK) 18 (3), April 1994.


"Regulatory Framework against Unfair Competition for an Emerging Market Economy," Singapore Economic Review (SG), 39(1), 1994.


"Firm Size, Business Networking and International Competitiveness", with Zhu Gangti, Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences (HK), 3 (2), 1995.


"Singapore's FDI in China: Features and Implications", with Zhu Gangti, ASEAN Economic Bulletin (SG), 12 (1), July 1995.


"China's Region-Oriented Preferential Policies at the Crossroads", with Tang Zhimin, Asia-Pacific Development Journal, 3 (2), December, 1996.


"The Soft Authority Constraint in China", with Tang Zhimin, Humboldt Journal of Social Relations (US), 23 (1 & 2), 1997.


"Bank Credit-quota Plan as a Macroeconomic Policy Instrument in China: Effectiveness and Costs", with Yu Qiao, Economic Systems (Germany), 22 (2), June 1998.


"Evidence of Spill-Over Efficiency: Implications on Industrial Policies Towards FDI in China", with Zhu Gangti, Singapore Economic Review (SG), 43 (1), April 1998.


"Inter-Firm Alliances and Networks: Implications on Firms with Little Market Power", with Zhu Gangti, Accounting and Business (SG), 6 (1), January 1999.


"The Intermediate Future of Hong Kong(China)¡¯s Exchange Rate Regime:Lessons from Singapore", with Yu Qiao, China Economic Review (US), 10(2), 1999.


"China's Currency Control: Features, Mechanisms, and Effects", Issues & Studies (TW), 35 (3): 134-49, 1999.


"Industrial Policy and Resource Allocation: Implications on China¡¯s Participation in Globalization", China Economic Review (US), 11(4): 342-360. 2001.


"Shared Network Investment", Journal of Economics (Aus), 73(3): 299-312, 2001.


"Pricing Patterns in the Online CD Market: An Empirical Study." with Tang, F.F. Electronic Markets, 11(3), 07/2001.

 "China¡¯s Industrial Policy and Participation in Globalization", Current Politics and Economics of China (US), 4(2): 109-130, 2001.


"Rural-Urban Income Disparity: Impact of Growth, Allocative Efficiency and Local Growth Welfare", China Economic Review (US), 13 (4): 419-429, 2002.


"Sectoral Factor Reallocation and Productivity Growth: Recent Trends in the Chinese Economy",Journal of Economic Development (US), 27 (2), 2002.


"Pricing Behavior of a Conventional Retailer¡¯s Online-Branch", Singapore Economic Review, 48 (2): 173¨C179, 2003


"China as an Economic Powerhouse: Implications on Its Neighbours", with Tilak Abeysinghe, China Economic Review (US), 14(2): 164-185, 2003.


"China¡¯s Capability to Control its Exchange Rate", China Economic Review (US), 15(3): 343-47, 2004.


¡°Biased Lending and Non-performing Loans in China¡¯s Banking Sector", Ding Lu, Shandre M. Thangavelu and Qing Hu, Journal of Development Studies, 41(6): 1071-1091, 2005.


"Responses to globalization from a big transition economy: the case of China",Global Economic Review, 34 (4): 435-52, 2005.


Impact of Dual Listings on Valuation and Liquidity: Evidence from China¡¯s Stock Market", with Kong Jing, Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 2(2): 129-141, 2005.


"Trends in Publications of Chinese Economic Studies: authors, journals and research fields, 1991-2003", Ding Lu and Kwek Bin Chong, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, 20 (1): 57-67, May 2006.


"Information Content of Cash Dividends and its Implications on Institutional Limits of China¡¯s Stock Market", with Ning Li, China Finance Review, 1 (2): 155-180, 2007


"China¡¯s Regional Income Disparity: an Alterative Way to Think of the Sources and Causes", Economics of Transition (Blackwell), 16 (1): 31-85, 2008


 "The Economic Consequence of Labor Mobility in China's Regional Development", Asian Economic Papers, 8 (2): 85-114, 2009.


 "China¡¯s Path to the World¡¯s Largest Economy",   East Asian Policy, 2(4): 71-85, 2010.


¡°Transition of China¡¯s Growth Pattern¡±, Frontiers of Economics in China, 6(4): 535-555, 2011.


¡°Can China Avoid the Middle Income Trap?¡± East Asian Policy, 3(4): 5-16, 2011.


 ¡°Challenges to an Upper-middle Income Country¡±, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 11(3): 153-159, 2013.


 ¡°Quest beyond the Middle Income Status¡±, Frontier Economics in China, 9(3): 339-346, 2014.


  ¡°How Green is China¡¯s Path of Catching Up? An International Comparative Evaluation¡±, Frontier Economics in China, 9(3): 484-498, 2014.


  ¡°¡®Youth Drain¡¯ and its Implication for Regional Disparity¡±, East Asian Policy, 6(4): 64-80, 2015.


  ¡°China¡¯s War on Smog: Measures and Challenges¡±, with Wan J. East Asian Policy, 7(2): 39-50, 2015.


  ¡°Low-Carbon Development and Carbon Reduction in China¡±, with P. Sheng. Climate and Development, 7(4), 2015.


¡°China¡¯s ¡®Two Centenary Goals¡¯¡±, East Asian Policy, 8(2): 79-93, 2016.


¡°China¡¯s Growth Slowdown and Prospects for Becoming a High-income Developed Economy¡±, Asian Economic Papers (MIT Press), 16(1): 89-113, 2017.




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