Supervised by Dr Lu, Ding
at Honour-Year Level and Post-Graduate Level

List of Theses by Research Areas

  • Business organisation and Entrepreneurship (Tai 1993/94, Thng 1994/95, Chan 1998/99, Koh 1998/99, Lee 1999/2000)
  • Consumer rights (Tan 1995/96)
  • E-business (Chng 1999/2000, Chan 1999/2000)
  • Finance and banking (Tai 1993/94, Li 1999/2005, Hu 2000/2001, Kong 2000/2005, Ma 2000, Ilhomjon, 2006/07, Nixon 2007/08)
  • International Trade and Investment (Dinh 1994, Tan 1997/98, Tan 1998/99, Yeo 1998/99, Chew 2003/04, Chen 2003/04, Valles 2006/07, Gaudiel  2007/08)
  • Industrial policy (Toh 1995/96, Tay 1996/97, Wong 2001/2002, Ang 2000/2001)
  • Macroeconomic management (Zhu 1994/95, Chia 1996/97, Zhu 2002/03)
  • Transitional economies (Dinh 1994, Ng 94/95, Zhu 1994/95, Li 1999/2005, Hu 2000/01, Chong 2003/04, Ilhomjon 2006/07)
  • Regional Development (Ye 2004/05)
  • Rent seeking (Chan 1995/95, Lee 1999/2000)
  • Information and Communications Industry (Toh 1995/96, Tang 1997/98, Ko 1997/98, Wong 2001/02; Ang 2000/01, Kumar 2001/02, Zhou 2002/03)


The "Fluid Capital System" v.s. the "Dedicated Capital System", by Tai Mern Yee (Hon. Year)



  • The Dual-Economy Structure: A Micro-Foundation of China's Macroeconomic Policy Dilemma, by Zhu Ying (Master of Social Sciences)
  • Role of Foreign Trade in Economic Development: Implications for Vietnam, by Dinh Hien Minh (Visiting Scholar)
  • Vietnam as a Transitional Economy: Problems and Opportunities, by Ng Sai Cheong (Hon. Year)
  • Chinese Business Networks: Evidence and Implications, by Thng Hwee Koon (Hon. Year)


  • China's Telecommunication Industry: Reforms and Development, by Toh Yen Guan (Hon. Year)
  • Consumer Protection: An International Comparison, by Tan Wee Hoon (Hon. Year)
  • Economics of Rent Seeking: Recent Developments, by Chan Wee Hua (Hon. Year)


  • China's Industrial Policies: Features and Impact, by Tay Yang Huang (Hon. Year)
  • Japan's Macroeconomic Woes In The Late 1980s, by Chia Eng Kim, Andy (Hon. Year)


  • Strategic Interaction and Oligopolistic Pricing - Internet Service Providers in Singapore, by Ko Tzih Hoh, Nelson (Hon. Year)
  • Singapore's Foreign Direct Investment: Advantages and Strengths, by Tan Poh Ling (Hon. Year)
  • Introducing Competition in the Telecommunications Market: Mobile Phone and Paging Service, by Tang Wing Seng (Hon. Year)


  • Impact of Currency Crisis on Trade Competitiveness of East Asian Economies, by Tan Kay Song (Hon. Year)
  • Asia-Pacific Trade Liberalisation and the Role of China, by Yeo Wen Qing (Hon. Year)
  • Corporate Downsizing from the Perspective of Macroeconomics, by Chan Hse May (Hon. Year)
  • Corporate Downsizing from the Perspective of Industrial Organisation, by Koh Sui Lin (Hon. Year)



  • Market Response to Company Earnings Announcement -- the Case of China, by Ma Danbei (Master of Social Sciences)
  • E-business in Singapore, by Sharon Chan Shue Mei (Hon. Year)
  • The Economics of Borderless E-Business, by Marian Chng (Hon. Year)
  • On the Growth of East Asian Entrepreneurship: Contemporary Issues and Controversies, by Lee Tian Leng (Hon. Year)


  • Technological Development in Singapore: Policy and Economic Impact, by Ang Su Han (Hon. Year)
  • The Tourism Development Potential of Lao PDR, by Fang Haochi (2000-2001, Master of Business Administration)
  • How to Reform China¡¯s Seed Industry, by Zhao Jun (2000-2001, Master of Public Policy)
  • The Link of Bank Behavior and Non-performing Loans in China, by Hu Qing (Master of Social Sciences)


  • A Study on Online Computer Retail Market, by Mallavarapu Praveen Kumar (Master of Social Sciences)
  • China's Telecommunications: Industrial Policy with ¡°Chinese¡± Characteristics, by Wong Chee Kong (Master of Social Sciences)


  • Infomediary Business Models: Cases and Analyses, by Zhou Hui (Master of Social Sciences)

¡¤         Macroeconomic Management and Financial Reforms in China, by Zhu Haiou (Master of Social Sciences)


¡¤         Rise of China's economy: Impact on Southeast Asia, by Chen Wei (Master of Social Sciences)

¡¤         Survey of Literature on the Chinese Economy, by Chong Kwek Bin (Hon. Year)

¡¤         Singapore¡¯s FTA: a survey, by Chew Hwee Peng (Hon. Year)


  • China¡¯s economic growth and convergence across regions, by Ye Tingting (Master of Social Sciences)


  • Corporate Finance and Governance in China, by Li Ning (Ph.D.)
  • Degrees of Financial Market Integration in East Asia: Implications on Regulation and Cooperation, by Kong Jing (Ph.D.)


  • Pension Reform and Financial Market Development, Shermatov Ilhomjon (M.A.)
  • The Philippine National Development Strategy in International Trade Negotiations, Marivil Villa Valles (M.A.)


¡¤         Implications of the 2008 Rice Crisis on the Philippines Government Policy and Intervention on Rice Trade. Alvarez Micaela Gaudiel  (MA in Global Studies)  

¡¤         What are the Prospects for a Monetary Union Theory in East Asia? Insights from Optional Currency Area and the Euro Experience. Daniel Nixon (MA in Global Studies)





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